Friday, January 25

meaningful multiple failure

1st try ; failed

2nd try ; failed

3rd try ; failed

4th try ; failed

5th try ; failed


five continuous failure was not an easy experience. especially when the failure came even before any effort could even be done. 

most people could have stop continuing I supposed. 

but alhamdulillah, somehow we were not most people, we were the ghuraba' - the stranger
*not to be proud of myself or so, but just because*

yesterday, 24th January 2013 or a even more beautiful date ; 21 rabi'ulawal 1434 Thursday, my friends and I, we went for a 'Street Da'wa' in Ipoh Parade, Perak by giving people super delicious muffins and to tell them that our Prophet Muhammad taught us to do good to others, and one of the way is to give present.


when your start was full of negative responses, your motivations and high-spirits somehow slowly flew away. the next step seems to be so hard and impossible, and quitting seems to be the best option.

but somehow the strength and determination that came from Allah was the reason we did not stop. 

as we were resting on the benches, a person came and sat next to us, with no high expectations that, this time it could be a positive feedback, and yes, Allah gave us that light, that spark that rekindles every single positive emotions and spirit inside of us. with a smile and joy she accepted the muffin and listened to what my dear friend, Saidatun shared about Rasulullah. ohmy, the happiness was overwhelming! Allahurabbi.

the next try ; also a positive one.

our steps became faster. our words came out smoother. our hearts was burning brighter, burning with the flames of iman and the eagerness to continue our mission. to tell people at least just that one small thing Rasulullah s.a.w has taught us. 

for the total 28 muffins we had, we took 1 hour to finish all of them. and most of the energy that our body can produce. I was so tired and sleepy, I could even sleep while walking >.<

but alhamdulillah, that was our first mission, and it went great, subhanallah :')


Mus'ab Umair.

after Islam knocked the door of his heart, he never had any doubt of this religion. and when Rasulullah sent him to Medina before the event of Hijrah, it is said that there was no door in Medina that he did not knock to tell the people about Islam.

Allahurabbi. Every single door. Not even close to any of us. 


And of course, our beloved Rasulullah sallallahualaihi wassalam

every body knew how was it for Rasulullah. 13 years of da'wa. that super awesome 13 years. awesome for us because of Rasulullah, today we are living with the biggest gift from Allah ; iman and Islam.

Rasulullah was hurt so bad, but he did not stop. Rasulullah was attacked from every angle, but he did not had any fear. Rasulullah was hated, but he did not reply with anger.

in fact, Rasulullah keep on praying so that one day all of the people he tried to give da'wa to, will receive Islam, and he even reflected all the mistakes, what that could have been wrong, all the blame ; on him, only on himself.

come on. what could Rasulullah had done wrong? :'(

but yes, that was how Rasulullah sees his da'wa. he did not blame the people who refused Islam, who hated Islam. but Rasulullah, Rasulullah was so beautiful, what he worried about was that whether he was not good enough to give da'wa.

but despite all the negative responses, Rasulullah never stop. even till before he went to meet Our Lord, his lips was calling out 'Ummati, ummati, ummati'

Allahurabbi, I miss you Rasulullah :'(


when we really put the intention is for Allah, Allah will show us the way. when the intention is really for Allah, no matter how painful, how tiresome our effort could be, we have no choice but keep on moving forward. 

those who are bringing Islam cannot be weak, and stop halfway ! *hoi bergetar jiwa*

and yes, we really felt being the ghuraba' ; some of them did not even look at our faces, some of them after observing our appearance straight away refused, some even before we said anything, gave the sign 'No!'

we really felt being the stranger. but yes,

بدأ الإسلام غريبًا، وسيعود غريبًا كما بدأ، فَطُوبي للغرباء
Islam began as something strange and it will return strange as it began, 
so glad tidings for the strangers
- Muslim & Ibnu Majah

Such beautiful experience alhamdulillah :')

Saidatun. Raihanah. Nadia.
Let's do some more :)

may Allah bless :*


sufiyyah zulkifli said...

:) nice! tahniah!
it just made my day; this entry. ^_^ <3

ateyyyy said...

jazillahukhair ukhti :)
Allah yang bantu semua tu <3

D-SIM said...

Not all of us are willing to do 'community involvement', but you and your friends did. Congrats and thanks for spreading the words :)

KhalilahAlhudaKamilen said...

MashaAllah sister! So inspiring :')
Keep it up. May Allah bless :*

KhalilahAlhudaKamilen said...

MashaAllah sister! So inspiring :')
Keep it up. May Allah bless :*