Tuesday, January 1

inside the car, my heart cries

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh
This ain't a poem or even a song written by names you already know,
but the lyrics was written by this heart, filled with emotions and hope


I was inside the car, observing - everything
Those people,
they are my brothers and sisters in this Deen

But what are they doing out there?

The men, bring his family from the first child to the youngest baby
The women, wearing hijab but it's like there is no difference with those who are not wearing any

Oh the numbers of cars and people
So many, I don't even dare to start counting
The men. The brothers of Islam. The rijal.
They are the ones who makes up the majority.

O Allah, my heart aches

No wonder the mosque is silent
Only being occupied when those who prays only on Jumaah came
just to fulfill his weekly routine so that nobody question him;
"where did you go? why didn't you prayed Jumaah?"

Well maybe they are too busy worshiping the celebrities
The bunch of people who they claimed to be the reason to make them happy

Well whatever
I believed that they are not happy
And I believed they would also agree
The ego is just too thick they dont want to admit it
or the eyes are blinded they can no longer see,
or the hearts are hardened they can no longer feel

O Allah, my heart aches

Inside the car, the radio was on
A guy was sharing his thought on the beloved Prophet, Muhammad pbuh
The story of what happened in Taif, Allahuakbar
the story that should be buried deep in our soul

Rasulullah was hurt. Rasulullah was hurt. Rasulullah was hurt. oh yeah we even know that?

He was hurt so violently,
with stones, sticks, and even the bones of the camels,
how he bleeds so badly, 
his shoes turned into a pool filled with blood, 
how much pain he had to bare, 
how many wound he gets but he did not even care

O Allah, my heart cries

When the angels, the malaikah, came to meet Rasulullah
and asked whether to destroy the people of Taif or not
O Muhammad sallahualaihiwassalam, the mercy sent to the mankind said no
But he prayed for the generations to come of the people of Taif
to be those who will worship Allah and no one else but Allah only

O Allah, my heart cries

If only what I am hearing inside the car,
is also being heard by those people out there

If only they understands what Rasulullah had gone through just to spread Islam for his ummah
If only they understands the religion they are holding on to actually brings the true happiness

They would not be there, 
doing every single thing that Allah hates
and the things that brings people away from Jannah
Nauzubillahi min zalik :'(

But that is the thing, they don't know and they don't understand

O Allah, my body was shaking

Today I am blaming no one

But myself

What have I done to change this?
What have I sacrificed to change this? 
Did I bleed ? Did my teeth break ? 
No no no no and no

O Allah, now I am raising my hand, 
I pray for the strength to make a difference to the world today
Even the smallest change that I could possibly make
Please grant me the strength 

So that next time,
whenever it is the eve of the next year,
as I drive passing by any stadium or so,
people still having fun
but only in the remembrance of  Allah
subhanallah :')

It is not impossible,
because you know, Allah has promised that to us.

I am no better than any other person in this world,
but I do pray this world can be a better place for you and me
in shaa Allah, Allahumma amin :)

May Allah bless :*
Have a bless 2013 !
Let's strive for the better version of us in shaa Allah :')

"Be the change that you want the world to be."
- Gandhi

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