Wednesday, December 12

it's in our routine !

peace be upon you.
may Allah bless you always :')


so this time,
let's go back to the past where history teaches us beautiful things


Abdullah ibn Umar, he was a great man. 
he was the son of one of our khalifa, Saidina Umar r.a.

he was once known to be the man who no one had the chance to greet him first, people didn't managed to say "assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh" to him. well because he always said it first. he always tried to be the one who greet the others first, the person who starts any conversation, without fail.

why all the effort? simple. he was a practicing Muslim, who practiced whatever Rasulullah has taught him by saying ; those who greet the others first, is closer to Allah. that, really motivated him, to be the one who is closer to Allah. subhanallah, sweet :')

the Sahabas, they knew and they believed, whatever came from Rasulullah, is Islam. those who doesn't practice what Rasulullah has delivered, is somehow not a practicing Muslim. and as we all should know,  biiznillah :) practicing Muslim, their price is His paradise :) those 10 sahabas confirmed as the permanent resident of Jannah are the best example, because they practice Islam in the maximum level.

so dearly beloved anyone, the equation is simple.
we have to be a practicing Muslim
not just a Muslim by name or inheritance.


and to the dearest amazing people out there,
one of the simple method is, to live in rasulullah's sunnah(s).
just like Abdullah ibn Umar did. when he heard the hadith from prophet Muhammad s.a.w

it is not that hard
it depends on how we see it.
sunnah can be in various categories.
in can be one of our daily routine

smile. sleep (qailulah). dhuha. ma'thurat, lick our finger after we finish our meals.
and so manymanymany more.

we pray for prophet Muhammad pbuh grant us his syafaah during The Judgment Day,
but we're not knowing that much of his sunnah ? 
a bit unfair isn't it ?

so. it's time to act!

change change change :)
let's make a small change with super massive effect,
not a supermassive change with invisible effect

let's live in the sunnah of prophet Muhammad s.a.w, not just live surrounding it
because we wanna live in Jannah, not just surrounding it while watching others had fun

may Allah bless :*

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