Saturday, September 1

the key is the heart

peace be upon you
hope everyone is still smiling brightly living this beautiful life 
with the best effort to keep on getting closer, to Him


you know, everyone can just declare their relationship, oh well, a.n.y type of relationship, it can either be single, it's complicated, broke up, unavailable, married or so. especially today, it's really easy to do it. just let facebook do all the job.

oh not to forget - best friend forever also. or maybe, ukhuwwah fillah, abadan abada and stuff.

and in this post,
this one is what I'm focusing on this time. cheese.


action speaks louder than words
it's not actually what you declare by words that matters, but what you prove by actions

the most beautiful level of friendship is when strangers become friends in the name of Allah, just because of Him. whatever they do, they will always hope for their friend to be closer closer and closer to Him. how to achieve that ? is by always forever try the best to protect each others' hearts.

"seorang sahabat tidak akan memuji sahabatnya" 

- SisNana, my murobbi !

it's can be as simple as that. we, the ladies love praises. once praised, kembang semangkuk selamanya. kembang size badan tak apa, but it's actually the heart that needs to be protected. got me? :)

so friends should never be optimist and forever sees only the dark side? no no no maaan. it depends on the situation. we should know what sort of praises that is harmful and which is beneficial. kata kawan, takkan tak kenal kan ;D


the point is, true friends protect each others' heart.
so dear you, please, help me protect mine. 

may Allah bless :*

ps1 ; alhamdulillah, #1 usrah with kak nana was great.
ps2 ; spent an amazing day with lovely akhawats
ps3 ; esok mandi sungai :)

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