Saturday, June 9

movies teach

peace be upon you :)
oh yup, it's 1:36 a.m. right now, and I just feel like writing rather than sleeping.
may Allah bless :)


so yeah. since the first day I reached home, I downloaded a few dramas and movies. well thanks to mr. unifi that has been nice to me and everyone at home. which drama ? well, there are vampire diaries, glee and a few others. movies ? countless. haha poyo.


so I watched 2 movies. back-to-back.

1 - The Switch. it's an old movie, produced in 2010, haha not that old I guess. while watching TV, the trailer of this movie was showed and I just feel like watching it, I wanna know what's gonna happen ! since I have a few other movies to be downloaded, I ran upstairs, took my laptop, bring it down and downloaded it. in 10 minutes, it's finished. unbelievable ? believe it :)

the story is about what actually ? well is urmm secret. try google it. haha. 
it's hollywood, sooo you know.

well what ever, what I wanna talk about is actually, jodoh kita :')

the guy, Wolly and the lady, Cassie has been friends for 13 years. after all those years, they only realize they love each other after a few chapter of their lives. you see ? 13 years. and they even have been separated for 7 years. kalau kita 7 bulan pun dah macam apa kan ?

tapi, bila dah dikatakan jodoh, no matter how, things will come together perfectly :) it turns out Sebastian is Wolly's son and they get along well, and Wolly and Cassie fell in love. the end. it was more interesting that that hee.

the lesson audience gets from movies, it may not be the same for everyone, but for us Muslims, even when we watch Hollywood movies or even Bollywood oh and specially Korean, we relate it to Islam, so the time spent is not wasted ;)

Believe in His promises dear. Yes I know it's hard. Oh please believe me I know :)
But it's worth it and you know it :')
(if it's blur, click on it ;) )

p/s 1 ; saya mungkin tiada 'si dia' sekarang, tapi mungkin saya pun memendam perasaan, malah bertahun lamanya ? berkasih sayang kan fitrah manusia ? :) tapi, ini jihadku dan saya doa saya tabah hingga tiba masanya :) so, actually this is a special reminder for me :3 
besides, the little boy Sebastian was adorable. so my dear elder brothers, I want more nephews :D 

looks like greyson huh ? :D

2 - 50/50. this is just a nice movie. based on a true story, it's about a guy who survived his cancer and what he had gone through to end the battle with a smile. why 50/50 ? the chances for survival for the type of cancer in the movie is 50%. cool huh ? no I mean how they name the movie, not the chances percentage. so when he first got to know he had cancer, he was in a shock. yeah, a normal young man living a normal life suddenly knows he has cancer. 

you know, it's actually just a simple, low-budget, slow, matured movie - which is the type I kinda like . oh I feel so matured. haha no. I don't know why, I just feel this kind of movies teach me a lot of beautiful things in life, so I love them. oh and the main actor is joseph-gordon levitt (the guy cutting his hair). jsyk, I like his acting :3 he's just, honest (?) and he's a good musician. musicians are cool B)

the moment that touched my heart deeply was the time when the anesthetist wanted to put him down. he was in such a fear whether he'll get up again or not. hugging his mother tightly. fuuh, I was just so moved. regularJoe did great ! :D seriously, felt like crying but my eyes were just emotionless (?) boleh pulak ? haha. so, what happened in the end ? urm well, watch it :)

keep on moving forward - that's just how it must be :)

 each and everyone of us are strong ! 

p/s ; when something you really really really wanted to do 
is blocked by something you really can't avoid, 
being strong accepting that fact is also the only choice 
and believe Allah dah susun jadual hidupku beautifully :') alhamdulillah <3

maybe next time.

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