Friday, February 10

mission SAS !

peace be upon you :)

hee it's been awhile naa ?

so, it's 3.52am, and I am not sleepy,
so I write.

yesterday, again, facebook is under attacked, by an al-aminian's video. ahaks.
this time it's adibah's. great cute little junior. keep on rocking making videos :)
*anwar hadi and aiman azlan were tweeting about her, hebat !

that's not what I want to write about though, just a little current issue there. heee.
I wanna talk about my mission hee, mission SAS !

SAS : Salam & Smile

the other day, during bimbingan puteri, I invited all kmkn beautiful girls to try and live with a new culture, which is budaya memberi salam, ala-ala kat al-amin dulu. *rindu :'| hoping for it to become real.

but, as time goes by, oh well, it's still the same. when we meet with someone from a different program, we'll just pass by her without saying anything, we may not even smile, I smiled but haih, my shyness overpowered my mission, no salam was given.

I know that's not an attitude that I should have, or actually, any other Muslims should. I wanted to change but there's no courage and motivation. alhamdulillah He showed the way and helped to me to be brave, yesterday, I watched one of AimanAzlan's video, MoMo #2 , it's about giving salam. *google it :)

dush kena kepala sekali. tepat apa yang perlu aku dengar.

after watching the video, I thought to myself, I must do this. If it's not me, who else ? Let me be the start of something new :) I set up a mission that I must fulfill in this month.
I must give salam to everyone I meet and smile wholeheartedly :DDD like that.

I started a few days ago, usually they didn't hear what I said -..- bwahaha.
I guess the volume need to be increased ;D

So, that's what I will do !
It may sound like a small thing but from this we can actually create the bond between Muslims.
Just like the way it used to be in Al-Amin :)

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