Sunday, July 17

coping is pun !

assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

hari ni ada lunch dengan family. hee kat rumah je pon. makan ikan siakap sweet sour so yummeh ! after lunch, ibu and I begin our journey to the center of KL, by putra! woot let's go green !

at KLCC station, when the door opens,
there was this ad betul betul in front of me.
and it says ; "Incredible India !" ironic enough hah ? haha.

next to us were this filipino lady and this mamak guy. talking and talking with yucksy kinda way menganggu betul ;p - selingan jap haha.

arrived, we did a little shopping and stuff and then there's this shop. it plays a Tamil song, oh well, I think.

and ibu said ;
"kena biasakan diri."
at the moment, I was like haaa?
pastu baru faham.
so I move my body with the music LOL

a few meters away from the shop, there was this Indian couple and their son I suppose, were talking among themselves with loud voices, I tried to focus on the language and all I can do is :| huahuahua.

segalanya tidak mustahil bukan ? insyaAllah boleh. hee.

p/s : ini post mengarut sekali sekala.
kami shopping banyak oyeah I like it ! :D
oh, esok saya bertolak pergi kuala nerang.
doakan saya :)

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