Sunday, March 13

dunia mereka

peace be upon you :)

clap your hands readers, I finally have the power to write this post.
and guess what, I'm writing this while everyone else in the house is dreaming.

i'm currently studying.
away from home, of course.
that's the reason for the emotional tweets = homesick.
what?! homesick? heaven yeah, homesick.
i'm getting better though ;P
okay done.

living here, is definitely something new for me.
to live with someone i'd never know, and to study together with them,
at first, it was hard for me, the unfriendly girl.
but as time goes by, alhamdulillah, things are getting better.
they are great.

even though it's just in a short period, i've learned so many things,
academically and also about life.
maybe this is the prize for me,
as a payback for not being able to go daurah and usrah ;'(
i almost cried because of that,
but Allah is Great, He knows what's best for me, redha :)

i've never expect fot things to be like this,
but every thing happens for a reason.
i'm living my life happily alhamdulillah :)

sorry for the extremely short post
i'll write more someday :)

p/s : 23rd march is really really soon, believe me! do pray for me,

: do pray for us 2010-spm leavers, may Allah bless you.
: I miss Spot ;'(

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