Monday, February 22

Zero Energy

Peace to be upon you.

After three weeks of bursting out my energy. Finally here's the result.
I said to myself, I would like to try enter as many game that I can enter this year, well of course, this is the final year. Over excited.

First game, PING PONG.
I played double this year.
I only had the chance to practice with Huwaida once.
And that was the day before the match.

Falah : Lose : Straight sets
Najah : Lose : 4 sets
Solah : Won : Straight sets

Alhamdulillah. We got the third place.

Second game, NETBALL.
Me, as always, the GS.

Falah : Won [ 5 -1 ]
Najah : Won [ 5 - something ]
Solah : Dead : [ 9 -2 ]

From the start of our training, we had been targeting Solah to be the hardest one, and it was. Well actually, I know, we can beat them. But maybe there's something just not right. Maybe it was our niat, maybe our hearts were damaged with proudness, or we are not that good with our stamina.

What ever the reason is, I can accept the fact that I lose that evening. I usually would blame something or someone, but that evening, it just flow like that. I just thought that, everything happens for a reason. Above all, we got the second place. Thanks to Allah.
*Well of course, I'd burst into tears, but after that, every thing's cool.

Third one, AEROBICS.
Because I was busy with other games, I miss a lot of the training. So I slept at Ikoi's Sentul house. I know that would kill my legs, because in the evening I played netball, but that's the sacrifice for Al-Fatah that I must fulfill, so BEAT IT!

Friday, we finished our steps at 9p.m. and that was the night before the day of the competition. Can you believe that. How cool is that? To practice the steps just for one night and perform it the next day, early morning.

We got the second place, alhamdulillah.
The memory for being one of the team was priceless, it was fun staying at school until late at night. Spending times eating together and stuffs.
Uhh, our steps was totally FUN!

Oh, Najah steps was AWESOME. Syaza is a super duper choreographer! Wuhuuu.

Fourth and final game, SOFT BALL.
I told Wardatul, my hands are really getting older. Why?
My team used to depend on my serve but this year, I can't do the straight 10 points like I did when I was in form 3. I can only serve once, it is a heart-breaking fact. Ugh.

Anyways, I like this year matches, we played it quite serious. There were replies. It weren't like the past times, we only got points when we serve. Lame.
Alhamdulillah, finally, WE WON THE GOLD MEDAL!

So, every game that I entered I did bring back a medal for the team. Alhamdulillah. This year's sports is kind of fun ;) I won one gold medal, two silver medal and one GANGSA medal *tak ingat english dia :P

Abah and ibu awal-awal dah warning.
Sukan ini last. After that, study.
Wow. Scary.


Anonymous said...

atey,bukan ana sorang la yg reka step..bdk aerobik yg laen pon ade la...haha

syifa' kamarudin said...

haha. aerobik exercise lah syaza! huhu

Bambi said...

its called the bronze

athirah zahari said...

SYAZA; nt baca blog ana! uwowowow!
okay, but still you are the captain!

SYI; haha, takpe. kalau exercise bowing laaa. huhu.

BAMBI; (ini bihot ke?) OH! Baru teringat, huhu. Thanks ya!

~KhalilahAlhudaKamilen~ said...

ana xtahu pun

*tahniah syaza. superb!

eh, ni blog atey.haha

athirah zahari said...

Dua dua betul kot, ntah. Huhu ;)
Ye syaza memang superb!
And ye, ini memang blog atey :D

Rosbee said...

hey bambi tu bukan ana lah -_-"

athirah zahari said...

bhot; hehe. sorrry! then who? :P

hanisah~ said...

ye, softball huda, volley ball yang mcm kat pantai tu. yep, bukan shj syaza yg perlu dicredit, 2PM juga perlu kerana ambil steps mereka.