Saturday, October 16

the hill

Ain't about what's waiting on the other side, it's the climb

We're almost there, one of our pit stop in our journey of life. That's not just another ordinary pit stop where you rest, it's actually where you'll loss all your energy. Well, not all.
Everyone we know, must be hoping for our best performance for it. Which is either straight A+'s, A's or A-'s or maybe at least a few A's, including ourselves. There's no one that would be even more happier than ourselves if we succeded.
But to reach that, there's SO many test we have to face, seriously. Yeah, maybe not for some of us. Urmm, I believe we all have to face tests, at least one. Haha.
As I could remember the two seniors who shared a little bit something with us. These tests we face each day are the things shape us for the future. It's all about our ATTITUDE. Starting from the day we do practises like crazy, until the day we scream for the freedom after it all finish.
Ain't no matter about what results we are going to hold in our hands, March next year. Well, we know the world we're living now only cares about that, but it's what we have in mind :) It's not going be the end of our journey.
We can have amazing results but still screw our lives or we can have a blessed, amazing and deserved results and we can succeed. No matter for those who are born as genius or not. Again, it's all about our attitude and it's all about the climb and berkatNya :)

p/s: familiar words huh?
well, amazing songs teach us amazing things (:
dan yang penting,
semuanya terletak pada kehendakNya.

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