Saturday, September 19

Sixteen, huh

peace be upon you.

I'd been posting about things that I love recently, tennis, shopping and stuffs. While others had been been posting about how they feel, their problems. So, it's my time? Naah. But it's related, I think so.

Last year, the PMR year. Everyone struggled to get the 9. It was a hard time. Yeah, it was hard and FUN. But not as hard as this year though. How so?

WE are 16 this year. Old huh? Next year, SPM! Woooooh. So, 16. What so great about the number. It's our batch numberlaa. HAHA. 16 = teenagers ler. This teen years is the time when we choose the path for our life. The time we create the true profile of ourselves. For that to happen, we'll face a lot of pain, heart-ache and stuff.

I had my times and I'm still not strong enough, I'd been observing and skodeng sini situ sana, it wasn't just me. A few of my friends had been facing the same problems. Iyaaa. So, for all of us to face our teen years, we have to help each other. We can't do this alone.
~you are not alone, I'm here with you~

Don't ever keep the problem to yourself. Share with someone or at least sing it out loud or scream like crazy, just don't let the problems stay inside of you. It's a parasite. As for me, I love to sing, that's why I don't talk to people much about my problems (:

I don't want to mess the HARI RAYA mood, so I'll stop here. For those yang SEDANG bersedih, don't hesitate to talk to me TAU, I'll do my best to help! Ganbarimasu! 'La tahzan innallaha ma'ana' and bergembiralah, because



ikOi said...

this year is my year~ i really hope IT will end this year. coz i want a happy year next year! new sis-in-law beb! XD

and best nye dpt kurgkan mslh ngn nyanyi~ msti kes suare sedap ni kan~ hehe ;D

btw, just before raya, i really need someone to talk to. since at that time im goin crazy and got no one to talk to~ since my regular therapist not available~ hehe;D i wanted to talk to u, but i guess i should calm myself first. here i am~ semi-waras~ XD

lady ATEY said...

oohh! new sis-in-law, best2!
ana lame lagi kott nk dpt yg baru :D

ehem2, MESTILAA sedap!! (:

well then, calm down and talk to me!
always AVAILABLE for you just for nasihatlaa, kalau untuk hati, dah ade 4 RAJA daa yg bertakhta XD

ikOi said...

wait wait, what do u mean by 4 RAJA? mcm x phm lngsg~ hahaXD lampi lah bdak ni~

A laa said...

4 RAJA ;
4. ORANGEEE - you know who ;D

ikOi said...

orange pun termasuk skali?! its a wow thing! haha

A laa said...

hehehe. mestilaaa.
xkan nak hidup dalam dunia khayalan je. kena ade org2 yg dekat2 :D

ikOi said...

like my obama la? hahaXD tp ana x la msk kan dye dlm list raja ana~ aduai~

A laa said...

haik2 obama kamu.
well, die raja yang ke-4 laa kan.
just untuk kat skolah, agar mata ana x mencari yang lain ;D

tAsNEEm said...

ooo...ana da PAHAM 4RAJA tu...ok2 ic ic...tapi dr dulu x paham2 orange nt tu...ape da.... mcm2 tol nt ni

A laa said...

hehe tasneem.
you make me blush laa.

ikOi said...

atey sesungguhnya sangat sengal~ ape la~ ana pnye actual raja not obama la~ ntk mngurangkan dosa mata ni, my raja jauh dimata~ hati pun jauh~ tp debar skit la ble name disebut~ fitraaaah~ hehehe :D

A laa said...

iyaiyaiya. samelaa.
kalau mcm tu2 je, xdela sgt.
kalau nama disebut baru semcm sikit.
kita kan wanita, hikhik ;D